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NOTE: rivetbangers.com is not affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers listed below. We make no claims, guarantees, or warranties as to the quality of their products or services. The purpose of this list is to make it easier for members of the builder comunity to find resources to assist them in their building experience. If you would like to share an experience with the community concerning a vendor (good or bad) please feel free to do so in the "Vendor Experiences" forum of the BBS. This list will update regularly. If you know of a vendor that caters to the homebuilt/RV community that is not present in the listing please submit it to support at rivetbangers dot com for inclusion.

Engines, Props, & Associated
RivetBangers.com Forum Index
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+ Denotes new addition
Lycoming Manufacturer of light aircraft engines Teledyne Contental Manufacturer of light aircraft engines
Aero Sport Manufacturer of engines & parts for experimental aircraft Penn Yan Aero A Leading engine overhaul shop catering to homebuilts
Mattituck Services A Lading engine overhaul shop catering to homebuilts Barrett Precision Engines Custom built engines for homebuilts
G&N Aircraft, Inc. Custom built GNX engines for homebuilts Superior Engines & Engine kits for homebuilts
Eagle Engines Engines & Props for GA aircraft Eggenfellner Aircraft Selling a Subaru based auto conversion for homebuilts
NSI Engines and props based off of a Subaru conversion Crossflow Aero Corp Gasoline powered opposed engine conversions for RV's
Mistral Engines Developing a soon to be released certified rotary engine DeltaHawk Engines Developing a Jet-A internal combustion Diesel engine
Real World Solutions Rotary engine information Centurion Engines Diesel piston engines for aircraft
Innodyn Low power turbines for the experimental market ECI Makers of engine components, especially titen cylinder assemblies
Sensenich Propellers Manufacturer of metal fixed pitch props Hartzell Propellers Manufacture of metal constant speed props
MT-Propeller Manufacture of composite constant speed props Whirlwind Aviation Manufacturer of composit constant speed props
Catto Makers of composite props Ed Sterba Propeller Manufacturer of laminated wood props
Sensenich Wood Props Manfuacturere of laminated wood props McCauley Manufacturer of propeller and governors
Prince Aircraft Company Makers of wood & carbon fiber props Performance Propellers Two & Three blade wood props
Aerocomposites 2 & 3 blade composite constant speed props Props Inc. Wood propellors for homebuilts.
Light Speed Engineering Manufacture of electronic aircraft ignitions Unison Industries Maker of the LASAR (Certified/PMA'd) electronic ignition, slick mags, & plugs
E-mag Maker of the "Next Generation" electronic ignition Aerosance Maker of full FADEC systems for piston engines
Gami Makers of the Gami injectors and the PRISM ignition system Sky Tec Maker of light weight aircraft starters
Lamar Technologies Starters, voltage regulators, and "master control" units Kelly Aerospace Aircraft starters, mags, & alternators
Airwolf Wet vacum pumps, filter kits, & air/oil seperators Pacific Oil Cooler Service Specializing in Aircraft oil coolers
Vetterman Exhaust Makers or SS exhaust systems for RV's Aircraft Exhaust Technologies Specializing in hand made exhaust for RV's
Robbins Wings Manufacturers of heat muffs that fit Vetterman Exhausts. Vision Microsystems Makers of engine montoring systems
JP Instruments Makers of engine monitoriing systems Xerion Avionix Engine management & Monitor with display
Shadin Maker of engine monitoring & fuel flow meters Pillar Point Avionics Specializing in fuel level indicators and fuel pump controllers
Advanced Flight Systems Maker of aircraft/engine monitor systems I-K Technologies Maker of aircraft/engine monitor systesm
KS Avionics Makers of EGT/CHT monitoring instruments. Insight Avionics Aircraft Avionics & simple fuel flow computers
Grand Rapid Technologies, Inc. Maker of graphical engine monitoring systems Rocky Mountain Instruments Makers of the micro monitor engine monitoring systems
Mitchell Aircraft Products Maker of aircraft instrumentation Dynon Avionics Developing a new engine monitor system based on their EFIS
Precision Airmotive LLC Engine Management Systems Electronics International STD'd, PMA'd, & TSO'd digital engine instruments
UMA Instruments Makers of engine instruments Ellison Reliable Fuel Metering Selling Throttle Body Injection for Aircraft engines
Plane Power Lightweight Alternators for GA aircraft EPM.AV Corporation Stainless Steel Air Bypass Valves & fireproof fire wall penetrations
Precision Hose Technology Specializing in aircraft hoses, kits, & assemblies. Reiff Preheat Systems Engine preheaters for GA aircraft
Tanis Aircraft Engine preheaters for GA aircraft Ameritech Industries Specializing in custom painted props & custom built engines

Avionics & Panel
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+ Denotes new addition
Garmin Manufacturer of panel mount avionics & the G1000 Bendix King Manufacturer of Avionics
Narco Avioncis Manufacuter of panel mount avionics Avidyne Manufacturer of fully integrated EFIS systems
Dynon Avionics Manufacturer of single screen low cost EFIS Plane PC A Panel Mounted PC for use as customizable EFIS, etc.
OP Technologies Advanced Integrated EFIS Blue Mountain Avionics Manufacturer of different sized EFIS solutions
Sandel Specializing in electronic instrument displays and EHSI's Grand Rapids Technologies Producing a small EFIS solution for homebuilts
Icarus Instruments Inc. Avionics, including a Micro EFIS Glass Flight EFIS products using conventional displays & reduced cost
Aveo Europe Maker of digital instruments NAVGPS Flight software for pocket PC's and laptops
Rocky Mountain Maker of the microEncoder aircraft monitors Chelton Well known maker of high end EFIS systems
iCom Maker of portable electronic devices & radios Trutrak Maker of autopilots for the homebuilt community
STEC Maker of certified auto pilot solutions Navaid Maker of autopilots for homebuilt aircraft
Trio Avionics Maker of autopilots for homebuilt aircraft Microair Avionics Maker of small foot print radios, intercoms, & transponders
Nulite Maker of panel & instrument bezel lighting systesm Sport Flying Shop Electronic instruments
Aero Enhancements Manufacturer of panel lighting and finishing products Sigtronics Manufacturer of com systems & pilot headsets
PS Engineering Manufacturer of com & entertainment systems for aircraft LightSpeed Aviation Specializing in passive & ANR headsets
Telex Pilot Headsets Sennheiser Passive & ANR Pilot Headsets
Bose Specializing in high end ANR Pilot Headsets Flight Com Passive & ANR Pilot headsets
Headsets Inc ANR Pilot headsets Beyer Dynamice Aviation headsets
Angle of Attack Manufactuting AOA indicators Aspen Avionics 3" Hazard Awareness Display
Anywhere Map XM Weather, GPS, Approach Plates all on a PDA FlightTech Intercoms Maker of small intercom systems with ENRI
InAir Instruments (Lift Reserve) Makers of the lift reserve indicator system Mid-Continent Instruments Makers of aircraft instruments and nav
Sigma-Tek Makers of Gyros, Instruments and control panels Kelly Manufacturing Co Makers of the RCAllen instruments/gyros
B&C Specialty Products Lightweight aircraft electrical systems RST Engineering Kit electronics, Antennas, etc.
Sandia Aerospace Avionics cooling & switching solutions E-Panel Builder A place to play around with panel layouts
Experimental Air Selling CAD designed & CNC cut panels, air vents, etc. Aero Assembly Specializing in RV8 & RV8A panels
The Panel Pilot Custom Engraved & Machined Aircraft Instrument Panels Comant Specializing in antennas for GA aircraft
Advanced Aircraft Electronics Antennas for experimental aircraft Affordable Panels Specializing in aftermarket panels for experimentals
PC Avionics Specializing in 3D moving map software ZD Publishing Publishing Pilot Friendly GPS Guides
Flight Prep Electronic Flight Bag & Flight Prep Solutions Nav Aero Electronic Flight Bag Computer & Displays
Falcon Gauge Aircraft instruments, gyros, & Pitot gauges XM Satellite Weather In flight weather for the cockpit
VistaNav Portble MFD with Synthetic Vision

Airframe, Misc, & Multiline Vendors
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+ Denotes new addition
Aerotronics Custom built panels Avionics Systems Custom instrument panels & avionics stacks for builders
Chief Aircraft Custom instument panels & avionics stacks Aerocraft Avionics Avionics & custom instrument panels for RV's
Avionics Place Avionics & custome instrument panels. Avionics Hangar Avionics wiring kits & manuals
Start Avioncis Avionics suppliers for homebuilders Accuracy Avionics Custom instrument panels & avionics stacks
Steinair Homebuilt supplies (Avoinics,Accessores,Chemicals,etc etc etc) Aeromag Magnetic filter rings help trap particles
Oregon Aero Custom seat cushions for aircraft The Ray Allen Company Electric trim systems and stick grips
Avionics Systems Custom built panels Aerox On board & portable Oxygen systems
Mountain High E&S On board & portable Oxygen systems Precise Flight Onboard & portable Oxygen, & HID lighting
Sky Ox Portable oxygen systems for aircraft Parker Cleveland wheels and brakes
Grove Aircraft Grove Aircraft wheels & brakes Koger Company Makers of the famous Koger sunshield
Fairings Etc Pre-made fiberglass fairings for RV's Aero-Strategies Unlimited Fiberglass fairings / mouldings for RV's
Extreme Composites Pre-made fiberglass fairings for RV's Extreme Products Maker of center consoles for side by side RV's
Andair Fuel Selectors and Gascolators GeoBeck (The Orndorffs) RV interiors and all other things RV
Flightline Interiors Custom interiors for RV's Classic Aero Designs Custom interior kits for RV's
Cleaveland Tool Aircraft tool supplier Avery Tools Aircraft Tool Supplier
Townend Aerospace Aircraft tool supplier The Yard New & Used Aircraft Tool Supplier
Plane Tools Aircraft Tool Supplier Aircraft Tool Supply Aircraft Tool Supplier
BuckingBar.net Supplier of tungsten bucking bars. Aircraft Spruce Aircraft parts and Specialty
Wicks Aircraft Aircraft parts & Speciality Aerocraft Parts & Avionics Aircraft parts & supplies
US Industrial Tool and Supply Tools for building/maintaining aircraft Clear Air Tools Aircraft Tool supplier
Puma Tools Specializing in air tools Classic Tool Krib A source for metal working and hand tools
Brown Aviation Tool Co Tools for building/maintaining aircraft ExperimentalAero Makers of the DRDT-2 Dimpler
Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool Manufacturer of metal fabrication tools Cogsdill Tool Products Manufacturer of debur tools
Sporty's Pilot Shop Pilot supplies Approach Systems Makers of the Fast Stack Avionics harness & APIC.
Hooker Harness Personal restraint systems Whelen Manufacturer of aviation lighting systems
Aeroflash Strobe and lighting systems for aircraft Creative Air Lights & lighting kits for homebuilt aircraft
Duckworks Experimental Aircraft Parts Makers of the duckworks landing light kits Aerovisions International HID Lighting for kit aircraft
Killacycle (Bill Dube) LED position lights for experimentals Thor LLC LED and strobe lighting systems for RV
Pappas Insurance Selling insurance to RV builders & pilots Builder's Bookstore Selling books & videos on aircraft construction
AeroElectric Connection Information on electrics & assorted products Vertical Power Solid state control of electrical systems.
Wayteck, Inc Wiring & Electrical connector supply company Wiring Products Online supplier of wiring & electrical products
Wentworth Aircraft Salvage parts & aircraft including engines DJM Mfg Maker of throttle quandrants for RV's
Infinity Aerospace Known amonst the RV world for their stick grips Airkit LLC Eyeball Vents for Experimental Aircraft
GretzAero Misc. Aircraft parts for experimentals (Pitot tubes, etc.) Airparts Inc. Homebuilt aluminum & construction supplies
Sacramento Sky Ranch Inc. Maintenance Supplies & Information Wiremasters.net Supplier of mil spec wire, cables, connectors, & tubing, etc.
Aircraft Paint Schemes Designing custom paint schemes, have line drawings of the RV series Aircraft Finishing Systems Specializing in finishing systems & products for aircraft
Flymore Pty Ltd (Jon Johanson) Seats, heated pito tubes, fuel tanks, carbon fiber parts, etc, for RV's MilSpec Specializing in quick release aircraft fasteners
Zipwall Manufacturer of portable paint booth products, makes painting at home easier Aircraft Extras inc. Many neat gizmos for the RV builder from canopies to flap postion systems
Genuine Aircraft Hardware Aircraft hardware including rivets, bolts, fasteners, fittings, etc. SafeAir1 Misc aircraft electronics as well as Pito Static Hardware
Aircraft Engravers Panel, placard, faceplate engravings for aircraft Aero Mold Inc. Manufacturer of custom brake pedals for RV's
Kitlog Software for use in creating and maintaining a builder's log Step-Up Aviation Retractable steps kits for side by side RV's
Todd's Canopies Manufacturer of tinted aircraft canopies Air Gizmos Sellers of a panel mount docking station for the Garmin 196 & 296 units
Show Planes Offering flap positinion sensors, pitot systems, & Fastback conversions for the RV-8 Nelson Aerospace, Inc. AN, AS, & MS fittings
CJ Aviation Specializing in smoke, fuel, & hydraulic systems AfterGlow Technologies Specializing in Photoluminescence
Click Bond Mechanical/Adhesive fastening systems CO Guardian Portable & Panel mount CO detectors
Air Suppliers Online retailer of airplane parts & tools E-Lite Technologies Selling Electroluminescent Lights
GS-AIR Misc parts & gizmos for the builder Perihelion Design Misc electrical parts and components
Glo Custom Aircraft Inc. Specializing in custom finishes and paint jobs. AXIS Products Quality HVLP Spray Equipment
Flight Line Air Conditioning LLC Air conditioning for the RV-10 Airflow Systems Advertising airconditioning for the RV 10
James Aircraft Makers of the "Holy Cowl" cowling and other composite fairings & parts Bruce's Custom Covers Custom aircraft covers for use while parked.
Desser Tire & Rubber Specializing in tires, batteries, wheels & brakes McFarlane Aviation Products PMA Manufacturer of Aircraft parts
Terminal Town Source of electrical connectors and wire.

Builder Services / Misc
 Vendor   Products      Vendor   Products 
+ Denotes new addition
Alexander Technical Center Helping builders learn the basics of working with sheet metal Synergy Air Giving classes for first time RV builders
Air Crafters Helping builder build with builder assistance programs EAA Sport Air EAA workshops to learn basics of aircraft construction & registration
Homebuilt Help Assisting builders with instructional videos. Western Pennsylvania RV Builders Offering Builder's assitance programs
Jay Pratt's RV Central Offering Builder's assistance Expercraft Helping builders create web logs for their construction
NAFCO Helping finance builders of experimental aircraft Airfleet Capital Helping finance builders of experimental aircraft
Evan's Aviation Products Specializing in the construction of RV fuel tanks, also Pito tubes & static air vents Aero Electric Connection Seminars for builders on aircraft electrical systems
Mike Seager Transition training Transition training for RV pilots RV Training Offering transition training
Ben Johnson Transition Training Offering transition training Strong Parachutes Design & Manfucature of skydiving and pilot rescue chutes
Butler Personal Parachutes Personal Parachutes National Parachute Industries Manufacturer of parachutes for pilots
Aeromedix Products related to aeromedical factors GeoBeck (The Orndorffs) Offering builder's assistance programs

RV-6(A) Builder's Websites
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* Denotes sites belonging to rivetbangers.com users + Denotes new addition
Ross Farnham* RV-6A Leo Benetti-Longhini RV-6
Paul Besing RV-6A Sam Buchanan RV-6
Ian Corse RV-6A Rick Grenwis RV-6A
Chris Good RV-6A Pat Hatch RV-6
Jim Headberg RV-6A Don Mack RV-6A
Jeff Point RV-6 Paul & Victoria Rosales RV-6A
Paul Stratman RV-6A Gary Zilik RV-6A
Mark Phillips RV-6A Joe Larson RV-6A
David Leonard RV-6

RV-7(A) Builder's Websites
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* Denotes sites belonging to rivetbangers.com users + Denotes new addition
Bill King* RV-7A Dave Setser*+ RV-7
Ron* RV-7 Dave Par* RV-7
Dwight Frye* RV-7 Brian Meyette* RV-7A
Paul Paeleman* RV-7A Jamie Painter* RV-7A
Brad Oliver * RV-7 Chad Jensen * RV-7
Mark & Dave * RV-7 Scott VanArtsdalen* RV-7
Pascall Groell* RV-7A John Courte* RV-7
Jan, Deon, & Attie RV-7A Bill & Scott RV-7
Phil Birkelbach RV-7 Jeff Bordelon RV-7A
Eric Brinkman RV-7A Bob Brown RV-7A
Dan Checkoway RV-7 Mark & Dave RV-7
Bill Cloughley RV-7 Phil Cobbin RV-7A
John Burns RV-7A Alex & Burnie RV-7A
Kathleen Evans RV-7A Scott Farner RV-7
Bryan Fillman RV-7A Ethan Furrie RV-7
Neal George RV-7 Jason & Corliss Gibson RV-7
Troy & Richard Green RV-7A Wesley Greer RV-7A
Rudi Greyling RV-7 Tracy Hallock RV-7A
Scott Haskins RV-7A Bobby & Marsha Hester RV-7A
Kevin Hester RV-7A Doug & Linda Jones RV-7
Kevin Johnson RV-7 James Jula RV-7A
Bill & Liz King RV-7A Glenn Longley RV-7A
Todd Moeller RV-7 Fred Oldenburg RV-7A
Dana Overall RV-7 Robert Paisley RV-7
Jim & Caroline Piavis RV-7 Mike Raviv RV-7
David Richardson RV-7 Robert Riggen RV-7
Matt & Ronen RV-7A Jason Rouault RV-7A
Steve Rush RV-7 Mike & Tammy Saffold RV-7
Daryl Tolliver RV-7A Ross Schlotthauer RV-7
Ben Shaw RV-7A Mike Shields RV-7A
Keane Shockley RV-7A Bruce Smith RV-7
Garrett Smith RV-7A Jim Smith RV-7A
Kent Stitt RV-7A Rick & Lori Threet RV-7A
Larry & Beth Tipton RV-7 Walter Tondu RV-7A
Don Van Santen RV-7 Aart van 't Veld RV-7
Greg Vouga RV-7 Kevin Wees RV-7
Daniel Wier RV-7 Scott Will RV-7A
Tom Wruble RV-7A Dalton Seigler RV-7A
Chuck Stuhrenberg RV-7A Joe RV-7A
Alfons, Josep, Marc RV-7 Kirk Rafferty RV-7
Kier & Andrea Christensen RV-7A Martin Gomez RV-7
Rich & Brandon RV-7 Mike Bullock RV-7
Sid Lambert RV-7 Damian Weber Sr. RV-7
John Christ Williams RV-7
Mark Tibodeau RV-7A Mark Chamberlain RV-7
Jack Lockamy RV-7A Simon Bromiley RV-7
Bob & Karen Brown RV-7A Christopher Carter RV-7
Alex Lichtensteiger & Bernie Daenzer RV-7A Peter DeCraene RV-7A
Yvon Gingras RV-7 Rov & Christine Johnson RV-7
Dominik Stadler RV-7 Erik Wildenbeest RV-7A
Dalton Zeigler RV-7 Olle Bergguist RV-6

RV-8(A) Builder's Websites
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* Denotes sites belonging to rivetbangers.com users + Deontes new addition
Bill Murrish* RV-8 Pat Tuckey* RV-8
Jeff Preou* RV-8A Axel Alvarez* RV-8
Mark Andrews RV-8A Larry Bowen RV-8
Jim Cimino RV-8 Mickey Coggins RV-8
Jim Daniels RV-8 David & Kristine De Fogg RV-8A
Jeff & Diana Gross RV-8A Greg Hale RV-8
Bobby Hargrave RV-8 Chris Hinch RV-8
Fred Hollendorfer RV-8 John Huft RV-8
Chris Hukill RV-8 David Hunt RV-8
Randy Lervold RV-8 Chuck Newman RV-8
Mark Richardson RV-8 James Snider RV-8
Shannon & Kandi Spangler RV-8 Bill VonDane RV-8A
Chris Duncan & Arthur Whitehead RV-8 Stephen Metzger RV-8A
Baron & Stephanie Marshall RV-8A Luis Luciani RV-8
Stan Sutterfield RV-8A Kevin Horton RV-8
Lance & Seth Johnson RV-8A Guy & Merideth RV-8A
Rod Dantzler RV-8 Brian Denk RV-8
David & Kristine De Ridder RV-8 Ray Fogg RV-8A
Doub & Colby Givhan RV-8 Manual Gomes RV-8A
Charles Harmon RV-8 Craig hatch RV-8A
Brian & Jill Kelly RV-8 Olivier Le Carbonnier RV-8
John Romero RV-8A Michael Stewart RV-8
Eric Severson* RV-8

RV-9(A) Builder's Websites
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* Denotes sites belonging to rivetbangers.com users + Denotes new addition
Ron Heberlein* RV-9A Will Couvillon* RV-9A
John & Patti Spicer* RV-9A Smitty* RV-9A
Bret Smith* RV-9A Carl Peters* RV-9A
Don Alexander RV-9A Jim Andrew RV-9A
Matthew & Sandi Brandes RV-9A Todd Bartrim RV-9A
Scott & Tanya Card RV-9A Neil Corella RV-9A
Ray & Michele Doerr RV-9A Chris Heitman RV-9A
Brad Hiatt RV-9A Mike Hoover RV-9A
Andy Karmy RV-9A Paul Lilly RV-9A
Vern Little RV-9A Gary Newstead RV-9A
Clay R RV-9A John & Vivian Rotunda RV-9A
Bill Repucci RV-9 Mike Schipper RV-9A
Robert Scott RV-9A Shreyans Shah RV-9A
Jerry Thorne RV-9A Joseph Myval RV-9A
Jerry Szelc RV-9A Peter McCoy RV-9A
Tom Sampson RV-9A Tim Coldenhoff RV-9A
Bob Hassel & Jan Martinez RV-9A Warren Hurd RV-9A
Jim Nelson RV-9A Tal Shahar RV-9A

RV-10 Builder's Websites
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* Denotes sites belonging to rivetbangers.com users + Denotes new addition
Ross Farnham* RV-10 Mike Howe RV-10
James McClow RV-10 Tim Olson RV-10
Lorenze Malmstrom RV-10 Palle Olesen RV-10
Doug Peterson RV-10 Aaron Sims RV-10
Ed & Cindy Wischmeyer RV-10 Scott, RaNea, & Ray RV-10
William Curtis RV-10 Jim Brinkmeyers RV-10
Ahn Vu RV-10 Sean Stevens RV-10
Larry Rosen RV-10 Deems Davis RV-10
James Ochs RV-10 Scott Schmidt RV-10
Kent Forsythe RV-10 Brian Sutherland RV-10
Ted French RV-10 Alex De Dominicis RV-10
Dave RV-10 Marc and Kathy Hudson RV-10
John Jessen RV-10 Mark & Angela Lanier RV-10
Michael Wellenzohn RV-10