Fiberglass help

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Fiberglass help

Post by stevewiz »

Hi all, Anyone know of a good video, book or builder websites that deal with fiber glassing specific to the RV. Thanks Steve
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Re: Fiberglass help

Post by bruceh »

EAA Hints for Homebuilders has a bunch of really good videos. ... _composite

Van's also has a set of videos online for doing the canopy fairing for the RV-14. ... Xn5TXngVlY

Most of the work on Van's RV's is pretty easy stuff. Buy some fiberglass cloth from Aircraft Spruce along with the West System Epoxy. A small bag of cabosil, micro and flox will become a lifetime supply.

A rotary cutter (sewing section at Wal-mart), stir sticks (from your local coffee shop), small plastic cups (think Jello pudding cups) and a cutting mat is pretty much all you need.
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Re: Fiberglass help

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I've got a West Systems DVD on how to use their epoxy in different applications. Mostly it is marine oriented, but if you're interested, I'd gladly send you a copy of it. PM me with your address if you still have a DVD player :)
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