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And why should they stop there ?? Fly bald tires Less rubber = less weight or better yet fill them with helium, keep hydraulic resevoirs at minumums. Backup systems BAHHH who needs em dead weight yank them out. Fire the Co-Pilot, remove the carpet, swith to plastic seat belt buckles, shut off two engines enroute, Emergency oxygen is also unneccesary pitch that whole system. No need for an intercom if there are no flight attendants they are all fired. Plastic interior panels - lose em overhead compartments - strip em out !!! Door slides well those are dead weight if I have ever seen them. And that brings us to hardware. We all know these airplanes are overbuilt so we can safely remove every other fastener.

Am I the only one that can think of weight saving measures ??? :bang:
Maesure with a micrometer, mark it with a crayon, cut it with an ax.

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