Tighter Regulations Coming for Chromate

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Tighter Regulations Coming for Chromate

Post by Rupester »

OSHA will tighten rules on exposure to hexavalent chromium [chromate], which was recently described in a national publication as a “carcinogenic anticorrosive used in products from airplanes to faucets”. OSHA is pushing for a workplace limit of one microgram per cubic meter … 52 times as low as the current standard. Businesses say the proposed limit is unreasonable and will carry an annual price tag of $3 billion, way too costly. Environmental groups want an even tighter standard …said to be highly unlikely. Some say the proposed OSHA reg changes will be challenged in court.

In any event , if you’re using zinc chromate primer, it might be wise to get whatever material you’ll need. I suspect it will be harder to buy it in the future … and more expensive.

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Post by aerial »

I guess that would effectively end the "primer wars". :roll:
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Post by Spike »

I dont think it will be that easy. More like it will make them even hotter as the mostly undisputed king of primers may be needing a replacement!!

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Post by tmbg »

here it is a year later, and it doesn't seem to be any harder to get. I just bought a quart of VariPrime, which is zinc chromate based, and I didn't get interrogated by the EPA :D
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