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builder tips

Postby Ronald Sutton » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:18 pm

# 4 brake fluid plastic tubing can be flaired to a perfect 37deg. flair with a lighter or match to match an aluminum AN822-4D elbow tube/pipe. I changed all of the brass ferule fittings on my brake system to all aluminum AN818-4D fluid fittings. To date I have better than 1300 hours on my brake system.
Take a few short discarded#4 plastic brake tubing to practise on. Then with a lighter or match play the heat on the end of the plastic tubing to see how it will form perfect 37deg. flair. slid your AN818-4D coupling nut on== then your AN819-4D coupling sleeve on == flair the end of the plastic fit tubing== fit it to the AN818-4D elbow tube /pipe and tighten the coupling nut.
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