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Prop Balance

Postby Mark » Mon May 13, 2013 8:31 am

I have a new product that will properly balance your propeller/Eng and is a easy bolt on device that dosen't require a degree and a sophisticated balance reader (Chadwick)
It simply is installed between the prop and Eng like your spinner back-plate on fixed pitch props and will install the same on constant speed props.
Unlike bolting a fixed weight to your spinner or ring gear, this is constantly changing (Active) to compensate for eng RPM and wont require a rebalance after you dress a nick or paint your prop like a fixed weight.
Just install and feel the much improved smoothness of your engine which increases eng life as well as saving your entire airframe from harmfull vibrations.
We have balancers (vibration dampeners) for Lyc. 360's,540's and 720's. Other Prop/Eng combos available.
Call 661-251-5331 for further info or to order.
Thanks and "Smooth Flying"

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