The concept

A forum in which to discuss topics specific to the assembly of the RV 12.
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The concept

Post by captain_john »

The -12 has appeal to most every aging RV-ator. Yesterday one of the Chapter members helping me out at the Young Eagles gig reported to me that he had recently suffered a heart attack! He is now thinking Sport Pilot. I would be really bummed if I couldn't fly my plane. I know I am not alone with this thought!

Anywhooo, the -12 seems to be in need of a new wing. The stall speed is 50, not 45 like the ruling requires. I wonder how this will affect top speed? I bet they will install flaps on the new wing. Ya think?

Engine selection is a Rotax. They say the engine is complicated compared to a Lycosaurus. I am sure they are right. I think a Conti O-200 would be a good choice. Take the Conti and pump up the volume a bit with higher compression and some of the new tricks like electronic ignition and maybe EFI and you have got something to consider!

Lastly, we need a TAILWHEEL!!!


It would simplify the design and look GREAT!

What do you all think?

8) CJ
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Post by Wicked Stick »

I'm thinking I will cross my fingers and hope I never need to downgrade to a 12.
Dave "WS" Rogers
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Post by cjensen »

I think the same as Dave, however, I do like the -12. I actually do like the Rotax engine as well. It is more complex than the Conti, but they work really well in LSA/ELSA applications. Continentals seem to always need cylinder work pre-TBO.

I just read about the stall speed problems. That sucks, but I'm sure they'll work it out.
Chad Jensen
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Post by Spike »

I think the 12 will be an absolute smash at the party. Im looking forward to when it "arrives".

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