Mechanical fuel pump leaking oil

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Mechanical fuel pump leaking oil

Post by cjensen »

Well, it looks like I'm grounded until I can get my fuel pump replaced. It was found seeping oil from the overboard drain this weekend. Probably just a slight tear in the diaphragm, but oil going overboard is a sure sign that it's gonna break.

DANGIT!! :bang: Stupid expensive airplane parts. :cry:
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Post by tmbg »

tell me about it... I had to replace that cylinder on the cherokee D:

At least that's all I had to replace besides regular consumables!

My altimeter is off at the avionics shop getting certified, tomorrow I should have a fresh VFR/IFR certification.
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Post by Pittsbuilder »

Damn, that's bad news Chad... Hate it for ya, if it's not one thing it's another!

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