Wingtip trailing edge off a bit

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Wingtip trailing edge off a bit

Post by stevewiz »

Hello all, looking for a little input here on mounting the wing tips. We are going with Mike Bullock’s hinge method and are at the point where we have fit the tip to the wing and when we look down the trailing edge of the tip it is not perfect in line with the aileron. The bottom of the wing tip would need to be pulled back a little to make it strait. Possible options I see are to remove some material from the edge of the top skin so the tip could go in further or try to get it strait when we slice the wing tip edge to shorten the height (it is a little long) maybe we would be able to align it then. Any suggestions would truly be appreciated.
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Post by bullojm1 »

Hi Steve,

I had the same issue with my wingtip - the trailing edge was not even with the trailing edge of the aileron, as well as there was a slight upward deflection in the wingtip. I sliced open the trailing edge, adjusted it and then epoxied it all back together.
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Post by bruceh »

You should be able to slightly rotate the wing tip inside of the airfoil shape of the leading edge and ribs to get the trailing edge to move a bit up or down. I didn't use hinges, but there was plenty of adjustment on my wing tips just by pushing the trailing edges around.

If you need something to grip or tug on the wing tip, just drill a #40 hole and stick a cleco in there to help position the tip. You can always fill the hole later.
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