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jack points

Postby Thomas Koscinski » Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:55 am

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Postby cjensen » Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:16 pm

You'll need a tail stand/weight for the 9A, but the wing jack points are the same between the 7 and 9 I believe. Just use some hardware store bolts (3/8" IIRC), round the head just a bit, screw them in to the jack points, and lift.


Another idea for wing jacks...

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Postby Bob Barrett » Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:36 pm

If your don't have the money for wing jacks or work at an FBO that has several of them there are other alternatives. I have a floor jack and I use a 5 gallon plastic pail like paint or tar comes in and an old pillow. I put the pail on the floor jack lift pad and place the pillow on top and jack at the lift points on the wing. Once it is in the air I quickly and carefully find a way of proping up the wing so can use the combination on the other wing. Again always have a method of securing the airplane elevated. As Chad says you hae to have tail stand for the A's. A friend gave me a toold designed to insert where the lift pad of a floor jack sits. It is 11/4" galvanized pipe about 24 inches long with galvanized caps on each end. One end has a bolt and collar with a nut holding the bolt to the end cap, which goes in the floor jack pad hole and the other end with a 3/8" bolt fastened on it to turn into your jack points. You probably don't need 11/4" pipe probably 3/4" ir 1" would work. The 1/14" gives ample room for securing bolts etc to each end. There are some other variations of this that will work also. Some guys have taken tripod car jack stands and modified them to serve as jack stands for the wing jack points. Ususally they weld estensions on the tripod legs and brace the leg extensions. Chad's wood box and hydralic jack stands work well also.

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