First RV10 builder here?

A forum in which to discuss topics specific to the assembly of the RV 10.
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First RV10 builder here?

Post by Akroguy »

They say we all are treated to 15 minutes of fame. Posting the first RV10 message here won't make me famous, but it's cool anyway.

I'm finishing up the empennage/tailcone kit and trying to scrounge up the dinero for the wings. Reminds me of a great reply to the age old question: "how much did it cost you to build your RV?"

"ALL of it."

Nuff said.

RV8 N94BD, five years of RV grins. RV-10 underway.

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Post by Spike »

Yeah you are the first, congratulations !! :good job: Please bring more 10 builders with you. I really want to watch that aircraft and see how they pan out.

-- John



Post by Granscott »

I understand that more than 240 RV 10's are under construction, I'm also interested in building one. Two fellows in our EAA chapter are building, one is through the wings and another is still in the Tail cone phase. The through the wings fellow built/own/flys an RV 6. He hopes to have the 10 done by next years OSH meeting. I've got a web site for a fellow out in AZ that's working on the upper finishing kit he's just received I'll find the URL if you are interested in seeing his pix's/progress...and post it on my next visit.




Post by IslandDesign »

Sunday will be the one year anniversary of the arrival of my RV-10 tail kit. I am building it with a neighbor of mine. So far we have finished 99% of the tail section. We are about 40% done with the wings and about 10% done with the fuselage. I am building the wings while my neighbor is building the fuselage. We discovered that we have much better quality control when one person takes a section from start to finish. We are building it to the same standards a Gulfstream is built. We live in Savannah, home of Gulfstream. Building it to these standards has more than doubled the build time. Each part is sanded, alodined ( a chemical treatment to prevent corrision,) primed and there is sealant put between every two pieces of metal. This is the first airplane either of us has built. We are lucky to have great help from an aircraft parts manufacturer that my neighbor shares office space with. At first we started working in their shop. Once we learned how to do things, we brought the plane parts home. I have the wings in my garage while my neighbor has the tail and the fuselage in his garage. We are still waiting for the finish kit which still not available yet. We wanted to make it to Sun'n'Fun but that looks highly unlikely. I think we will be lucky to make it to Osh.

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Post by wcurtis »

At last count there were 303 RV-10 builers. That number in a little over a year.

To the builder that is applying a sealant between metal surfaces. What sealant are you using? Is it ProSeal? They do this in Gulfstreams because they are pressurized. Primer between metal parts should be good enough for the non-pressurized RV-10.
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