Tailcone build time

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Kyle Dansie

Tailcone build time

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I would like to build the RV-10, it looks like a great airplane. Just curious about how many hours I should plan to spend building the Empennage/Tailcone kit.

I am new to metal constrution, but have been told it is easy to learn.

One of the other threads stated that over 300 Rv-10's are now under construction. It would be interesting to know what is the average number of hours spent on each of the kits.

Kyle Dansie

Rick S.

Tailcone time to build

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I spent an average of two hours a day for about 200 hours total and completed it in five months. I can give you exact times but my log is not here right now. Mechanical skills are more important than actual sheet metal skills, those are easily developed. If your not mechanically inclined it may just take you longer to grasp the principles and complete the project. I my opinion the most important skill is patience followed by the numer 2 skill...read directions thoughly, measure twice and cut once.

Rick Sked
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See Tom Emery's website - go to the pictures page and you will see an RV10 tail and cone with build times from his builders assistance. He is located outside of Pgh. PA. www.wparvbuilders.nstemp.com

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Good info guys. Welcome to the board and stick around!!

-- Spike
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Have 126 hrs on empenage. All that's left is tailcone and trim tabs.

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