RV-10 Slow Build Fuselage Crate

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RV-10 Slow Build Fuselage Crate

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From Van's

Not yet on their website:

the RV10 crate for the slow build fuselage is 96x53x49 weighing 584lbs

Bill Gipson
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Wow. Now that sounds beastly :)
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Received (finally) all kits at once, QB fuse, GQ wings, and finishing. All told 1864#. Nearly done with Empenage. Have engine and prop. Lots of wood to be had. Also building a new hangar, workmanship not to RV standards. Such is life.

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Van's RV-10 was up in Langley, B.C. over the weekend and I had a look at it on Saturday. Very impressively finished machine. When I first saw it, I didn't realize what it was. The green and white color scheme was tastefully understated.
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