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builders tips

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To normalize Aluminum sheet or extrusion to an SO state (soft pliable, no memory condtion) for ease of forming. Take an OXY/ACY torch and create a carborizing flame that has black smoke emitting from the tip of the torch. play this smoky soot very lightly over the aluminum part you want to normalize. Then take the OXY/ACY torch and adjust the flame to a neutral flame. Play this neutral fame over the smoky sooty area slowly and lightly. As the part heates up, it will begin to burn off the smoky sooty residue, and the temperature will be 900 to 1000 deg. which is the normalizing temperature of aluminum.
practise on a few scrap pieces of aluminum first to get the timing of the heat being applied to the part. Too much heat will show a discoloration of the aluminim. The just right temp will have a very slight hint of smoky soot left on the part. allow the part to cool at room temerature. Once cooled, you can hand form the aluminum by hand with the grain or across the grain. You can normalize just a small section on a part exactly where you want it :wink:
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OK, I will bite on this one.

What is an "SO" state?

I know that you described it as soft and pliable but, how do you get "SO" as a description?

Is this an ASTM term?

I am puzzled?

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