RV7 vx RV8

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RV7 vx RV8

Postby Hardegg » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:11 pm

Sorry to see the last post on a topic similar to this one was in 2006 or was it 2016.
I joined the local EAA chapter a few months ago to find tons of RV builders. I hadn't looked at these till then.
Truth be told I didn't think I could afford one of these. After looking around, twisting it every way I could, I've convinced myself if I
work a few years more as apposed to retiring when I planned I could maybe just squeeze one of these puppies in.
I'm in the process of de-sensitizing my wife to the idea of flying in something that I built and smaller than an airbus, but I'm at the point
of 7 or 8. Originally fixated on the 7 but had minor misgivings about using my non-dominant hand on the stick. then saw the 8.
I was training in a super Decathlon before I got laid off and had to put that on hold so the tandem is no issue. I really like the idea of fuel/mixture/prop controls for left hand and stick with right(without having to always fly right seat). Being able to see out of both sides is not a bad thing. Guess the concern of limited instruments and wife in rear seat might be small issue. seems like I read dual controls could be added - ? anyone have ideas on that? and does anyone have any ideas about cross country tandem. I think the wife (once she gets used to flying with less than 100 on board) might like being able to see out both sides.

just read post about a drafty canopy on the 8. Is that an issue with either or both?

come to think of it - I steer my auto with my left hand and never give it a second thought.

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Re: RV7 vx RV8

Postby bruceh » Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:46 pm

I don't even give it a second thought about which hand is on the stick. I'm using my left hand (non-dominant) on the stick, and with the right hand on the throttle and it seems natural. These airplanes trim out very nicely, so it is mostly hands off flying anyway. You are only moving the stick a small amount to do just about any maneuver.

The great thing about building an experimental airplane is that you can do whatever you want. If you want the throttle on the left, put it there!
I know of at least one RV-7 that was built that way.

Having the side-by-side seating is nice when you are solo (more elbow room), and also when you have a passenger (they aren't stuck looking at the back of your head). The panel has much more room, and it pretty much flies the same CG-wise with and without a passenger.

Both RV-7/9 and RV-8 require about the same skill level to build. The later RV-14 is a more complete kit, but it is a bit more $$$. Just understand that Van's cost estimator is overly optimistic. Find someone with an RV and get a "free" ride, then decide.
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Re: RV7 vx RV8

Postby Hardegg » Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:07 am

Thank you Sir.
Will do.

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Re: RV7 vx RV8

Postby Hardegg » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:18 pm


I know I’m long winded (just airing it out here) – talked to the family, talked to local EAA members and came to several conclusions;

My wife and I agree we need to start doing fun things we’ve always wanted to do – we aint getting any younger
I’ve always had a dream to build an airplane. Bucket list thing and all
My two dream planes – well one is a rag-wing the other a RV. And while both will involve learning building skills
(I’m excellent with wood – former cabinet builder), The bipe will require welding and I don’t relish the idea of a large
Tank of explosive material strapped to my garage wall (initial build site is garage but destined to move when able).
Also the all metal plane has endurance appeal – both weather and longevity. I’m finding to cover a biplane cost roughly
About the same as it does to have one of these RV’s painted and with the RV – I should be gone before it needs to be
Repainted and then it’s my daughters problem.

My biggest fear and draw back was could I afford it. My wife put me on a budget, modest but doable. Then I was reminded
Of conclusion 1 – I’m doing this as much for the fun and experience of the build with the bonus of having a grown up toy
To play with when I finish and I’m not getting any younger.
I’ve decided I can build as I can afford (I know that is not a new concept) and If I don’t out last the project, my daughter and her
Husband can complete it. It’s going to be hers in the long run anyway and she really wants to fly and they will be helping with the
Build anyway

So with great excitement and anticipation I ordered the preplan package and the 2 training projects – they arrived this past Friday.

I plan on spending this year setting up my shop and accumulating tools with hope of ordering the first kit next year.
Probably need to take care of administrative task – decide on a best way of logging the build and any requirements or milestones
Needed for inspections and at what age rivets become too brittle to use. Will discuss with members at next EAA meeting –
I did join that back in September.

And Mr. Administrator Sir – you can now put this one on the back burner.

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