2018 Flying Stats

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2018 Flying Stats

Post by bruceh »

Another year, another blog post about my year of flying.

Not as much as previous years, but I'm officially up to 634+ hours. The New Year's RV gathering at Lake Havasu got canceled due to high winds here, so I still haven't gotten airborne in 2019. I'm hoping to remedy that this weekend, even though the forecast is for rain. :(

How was your 2018?
Bruce Hill
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Re: 2018 Flying Stats

Post by Vlad »

Very nice 2018 report Bruce. As I always say it's not about the hours flown it's about the destinations visited and people met. It looks like you had an impressive geography covered with your RV.

I am standing at 813 enjoyable hours this past year. The little RV is approaching 5K mark she is getting old. The most notable trip of the year was a pilgrimage to the Aleutians. I reached Dutch Harbor and was lucky to have great weather for some local flying around Unalaska Island. Impressive place!

Year 2019 started with a flight on Canadian frozen soil. I visited my good buddy for New Year celebration. Changed oil and serviced the wheels in his hangar as a bonus. Not much planned for coming year except one trip across a border.

CJ is rapidly catching up. Soon he will be sent on a Wall Patrol to your woods. I checked the border four years ago the fence was in bad shape :grin:
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Re: 2018 Flying Stats

Post by captain_john »

Yes! The Russian is right. We need to build a wall! :grin:

Looks like I have been averaging about 250 hours per year the last four years. I must say that the machine has held up very well considering the amateur manufacturing experience.

I'm looking forward to heading out your way the summer! We have lousy weather today so I'm going to do some maintenance on my landing gear, Tires and Brakes this weekend.

8) CJ
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